Wars at Work

An action guide for resolving workplace battles

Kaveh Mir





One Friday afternoon Kaveh Mir nearly had a breakdown in his office—the brutal aftermath of more than five years spent fighting or mediating wars at work. But instead of succumbing to his myriad battle scars, Mir decided to do something about them. Thus, Wars at Work was born.


This book is for anyone who’s ever fought a workplace battle. It is your action guide to learning how personality types contribute to work wars, and how understanding personality differences can lead to resolution and peace.


Other books have discussed how you can use a single personality assessment to resolve conflicts at work. But Wars at Work is the first to show how combining a set of multiple measures creates a much richer, more powerful toolkit for solving the whole gamut of workplace problems.


In Wars at Work, you’ll learn how psychometric measures can help solve:

  • The battle of leadership
  • The battle of career
  • The battle of communication
  • The battle of conflict
  • The battle of change
  • And much more.


Discover a new twist on resolving workplace conflict. Whether you’re an employee, manager, or CEO, you’re likely to recognise at least one character or situation in Wars at Work that hits home with you. Kaveh Mir’s insightful book will give you a fresh perspective toward resolving your own “wars at work.”


“An authoritative, refreshingly different take on workplace conflict.”—KIRKUS REVIEW



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